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Gulf Tunneling Company LLC

Established in 1988, Gulf Tunneling Company is one of the leading companies in the Micro-tunneling fields in the UAE. The company has proven success in can planning and managing complex sewer tunneling projects. Microtunnelling is a technology, which reduces earth movement to the minimum.

Minimal disturbance to normal life of the residents, and no ground water lowering, makes Micro- tunneling technology in high demand. GTC has the technical edge with the modern micro-tunneling machines procured from Herrenknecht. The latest control system for AVN machines is designed for total control of the machine drive, including permanent positioning, display of current positioning, printed drive record and much more.

In the face of the dynamic changes that the construction industry is facing, Gulf Tunneling Company has the expertise to meet the market demands. for example, Underground pipe – jacking is becoming more and more important for the laying of sewer, storm water and service ducts. GTC can be able to push pipes from 150mm ID up to 500mm ID and from 1500mm ID to 1800mm ID pipes. Pipes can be made of concrete, steel GRP, plastic etc. GTC completed over 50km of tunneling work from 250mm ID – 2000mm ID.

Gulf Tunneling Company LLC

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