Al Sharafi Group

Al Sharafi Babich Steel LLC

Al Sharafi Babich Steel LLC was established in 2008 and production started full-fledged in the mid of 2009. Al Sharafi Babich Steel LLC was made joint venture with Shurooq Gulf Steel (Al Sharafi Group) and AGF Group Inc. (Canada). Activities and projects include Steel Cut & Bend. Capacity: 100,000 ton/year from steel bars 8mm to 32 mm diameters. Our production stages are controlled by advanced computerized systems according to BS 8666:2000. Tags and schedules are prepared by the latest cut & bend production software.

Advantages:Advantages of Cuting and Bending at Al Sharafi Babich Steel LLC

  • High strength combi wall systems for deep water quays
  • Cutoff piles for dewatering cofferdams for underwater bridge piers
  • EU piles for permanent bridge abutments, river and canal training works
  • Wide profile piles for deep basement works
  • U piles for temporary hard ground sewerage shafts
  • Custom piles for oil tank farm containment walls
  • Trench piles for pipeline works
  • CR pile for temporary construction works
  • Grouted cutoff piles for polluted ground water containment
Cut & Bend Factory
  • In Abu Dhabi Industrial City
  • Area 37,000 m2
  • Production: mid 2009
  • Capacity: 100,000 T/y